Thursday, March 27, 2014

New rules for the Blogger platform. No more links to external sites, so we have shared in our blog our free cumshots compilations and our "Porn Memories"

    Do not worry! We are not suddenly gone mad and we canceled our section "Porn Memories" and cumshots compilations of other free sites. The Blogger platform we use for our blog has changed its rules for what concerns the blogs for adults. It is always allowed to treat sexually explicit topics, post videos and photos. But since last July 1 are prohibited external links that can lead to porn sites for a fee. In fact none of our links  has conducted to paid sites, but to avoid misunderstandings, since even on the free sites are present banner advertising of paid services, we decided to reset some of our sections. Most of the cumshots compilations of other free sites we have shared in our "Artistic shots - Page of cult cumshots". The films of our "Porn Memories" instead you can find them shared in the appropriate posts. In each post that we present an old movie, now is the appropriate video and then you can view it safely without leaving our blog. We then deleted a few posts that could possibly lead to external sites. In this way we are in complete compliance with the dictates of Blogger in order to avoid any misunderstanding. In reality, this rule is unclear on some issues but we wanted to be safe. Continue to follow us, as well as many of you do it every day. Thank you!


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