Saturday, March 29, 2014

MOTB Tales: Completely Committed (Serena + Martina are here to serve!)

    MOTB Tales:  Completely Committed
    Walt Butler put his hand deftly on the shoulder of his son Phillip and grinned.  “Like the view from here, don’tcha?” the proud father commented.  

    “Hell yea, pop.  I mean, I am in such awe of what commitment our neighbors made to make all of our lives full and complete, “ replied Phillip.

    “You said it, son.  I mean when Marc and his son Sean were infected with that virus, I thought that we’d never see our neighbors and friends again.  But they’ve come back, better than ever as beautiful women.  And here they come now,” as the lovely bride and her mom strolled across the reception floor.

    “I’m sorry, Phil, honey,  and Daddy,” cooed the newlywed Serena.  “Mom and I were just staring at your two gorgeous guys in your formal wear. “

    “And I was just reminding Serena, that now that we’re your happy lil’ wives, we get to see you two BIG studs out of your tuxes,” added the sultry Martina.


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